Призрак Оператора — Тишина на проводе

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Внезапно, ещё одна ария для Призрака Оператора (и ещё был кусочек тут).

The silence on the wire

Night-time sharpens,
heightens each sensation
Cursor flickers, wakes imagination
Antivirus fences abandon their defences ...

Slowly, gently bots are activated
Windows stalling, programs terminated.
They will pave the way
For requests to go astray,
For my devilish
malicious desire
To listen to the silence on the wire ...

Make a use of unknown zero-day attacks!
Search the logs for user's names
And their passwords,
Send emails
With trojans, worms and more,
And you'll live
as you've never lived before ...

Softly, deftly,
Servers are surrounded...
Feel it, hear it,
closing in around them ...
Open up your mind,
Get a feeling of the kind
that you get when
all the TTL's expire,
the feeling of the silence on the wire ...

Let DDOS start abruptly
in this network zone!
Packets dropped,
And all channels getting jammed!
Let providers be angry as can be!
So their bases are all belong to me!

Firewalls crashing, routers not responding,
Failing links and breaks in every bonding,
Let attacks begin,
let your darker side give in
to the cookies that we have on our side,
With silence on the wire in the night...

You alone can make my code take flight —
help me make exploits in the night...

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