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I've just finished watching "Elegy". Halfway through I knew I was going to write about it, although I wasn't sure whether I should do it in English or French, but since the movie was in English, I guess I should stick to its original tongue. Having French as an option wasn't that inconsistent, since the movie is a little reminiscent of the "Noce blanche" I've written about a couple of years ago.

The "Noce blanche" parallel is rather evident, since the two share a common story – that of an affair between student and teacher. I suppose I feel an urge to write about it, because the subject is not unfamiliar to me either. Well, the american version is definitely less scandalous – no illegal intercourse or whatever, and can even boast a happy (well, probably happy) ending... And then, being less scandalous, it lacks something... And breast cancer is certainly credible, yet just a little bit too melodramatic... I suppose, there's no point choosing between the two movies. The french one pushes all details to excesses and yet is credible, the american is credible in every detail and yet seems too good to be true.
Another thing - a phrase in Elegy reminded me of something I had read in homo_forsaken's diary: beautiful women are invisible – one fails to see the person behind the beauty...
One more thing, almost as a PS: bare feet are never as beautiful as high heels. There is a moment you have Consuela lying all naked but for the shoes and the shoes are there for a reason! 😉

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