Призрак Оператора — Тишина на проводе

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Внезапно, ещё одна ария для Призрака Оператора (и ещё был кусочек тут).

The silence on the wire

Night-time sharpens,
heightens each sensation
Cursor flickers, wakes imagination
Antivirus fences abandon their defences ...

Slowly, gently bots are activated
Windows stalling, programs terminated.
They will pave the way
For requests to go astray,
For my devilish
malicious desire
To listen to the silence on the wire ...
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Призрак Оператора

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Если руки не опустятся, напишу целое произведение. Пока что "написал" только одну арию... 😉

In phones he spoke to me, in pings he came
That voice which calls to me, and speaks my name
And do I dream again? For now I find
The Phantom of the Operator's here, inside my mind

Beneath the server room, I know he’s there
He’s in the Cisco switch, he’s everywhere
And when the work begins today at nine...
The Phantom of the Operator's here inside my mind
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